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  • Lukas Balcaitis

dimartec Founder Named "CMO to Watch 2024"

We're proud to share that dimartec Founder, Matthew Johnson, has been named a "CMO to Watch 2024" by the CMO Alliance, recognising him among the most influential marketing leaders for the upcoming year.

This accolade highlights Matthew's strategic foresight, innovative initiatives, and impactful leadership within the fintech sector.

Dive into his interview with the CMO Alliance, where he shares some milestones, insights, and his vision for marketing in 2024.

Matthew Johnson,

What are you most proud of from your career as a marketing leader? 

The first would be when we hit key milestones for our clients; from reaching the £1m revenue mark for a product we took from concept to helping a startup get from 6 to 50 B2B clients in less than 5 months; almost a year sooner than expected. 

Secondly would have to be on International Boss Day - which I didn’t even know was a thing. I received some really touching messages from the team about the impact our business has had on their lives. That was really cool.

Finally, we’ve hired 4 Ukrainian marketers since the war started and they’ve all been phenomenal despite being displaced or working from home in Ukraine. Due to our affiliation with them, we’ve donated a significant amount to charities involved in war aid. This wasn’t something we set out to achieve when we started, but I am proud to have contributed.

Is there anything you’re working on for next year that you’d want to share with the 

CMO Alliance community?

We stamped our mark on the FinTech industry in 2023 and achieved some truly impressive results for our clients. I’m excited to see where the momentum takes us in 2024.

Our work and relationships within the Fintech space have led us to develop an Investment Readiness program that we plan to launch during Q1 of this year. We're super excited about this and are already working with Fintech startups to help them prepare to raise investment.

What do you see as the most important responsibility for CMOs in 2024?

Building a team that tests continuously, adapts quickly and brings new ideas to the table while up-skilling with an eye on the future. I firmly believe proactivity must be encouraged and incentivised in 2024 to keep pace with technological advancements.

What are the key resources you’re going to rely on in 2024?

Of course, we’ll continue focusing on integrating AI and emerging technology. But perhaps most critically for me personally, it’ll be various industry and technology newsletters that help me keep pace with the latest movements.

Do you have any advice for people aspiring to the CMO role, or for current CMOs looking to build their status and skills?

Find 10 CMOs who hold positions at impressive companies in the field you’re interested in and reach out to them via LinkedIn and Email to ask for a 10-min interview. Ask them what excites them in their role, what they would do differently if they started again, and what they’re concerned about in the future, etc.

Marketers love to talk about themselves and this will give you some real insight!

What are the key resources you’re going to rely on in 2024?

In 2024, my most invaluable resource will be the network of communities I’m connected to. This includes both local groups and the expansive networks formed through relationships with investors and memberships.

There is always someone who has seen it or solved a similar challenge, so the strength of my networks lies in the collective wisdom, the diversity of experiences they encompass, and the immense potential they hold for collaborative innovation.

Who would you like to thank for their support in helping you become a CMO to watch?

The entire dimartec team and my business partner, Lukas.


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