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Unleash your brand's potential and conquer new heights, guided by our tailored, customer-centric marketing strategies.


Social media, advertising, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, automation, content production, branding


  • Social Media Strategy Development

  • Account Setup and Management

  • Content Creation and Curation

  • User-Generated Content Campaigns

  • Influencer Marketing and Collaboration

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Post Scheduling and Publishing

  • Community Management 

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Social Media Training and Consultation


Revolutionise your brand's online presence, forging lasting connections with your target audience.


With tailor-made strategies that evolve alongside your business, our dedicated team ensures continuous growth and relevance.


By captivating and inspiring your audience, we transform them into loyal advocates, amplifying your brand's impact.


Embrace the future of social media marketing and watch your brand thrive.

  • Advertising Strategy Development

  • Search Engine Marketing and PPC

  • Display Advertising 

  • Social Media Advertising 

  • App Install Campaigns

  • Remarketing and Retargeting

  • Programmatic Advertising

  • Geo-Targeting Advertising

  • Affiliate Marketing 

  • Google Ads Management

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

  • Landing Page Design and Optimisation

  • Campaign Analytics and Reporting


Redefine your brand's impact by strategically outshining competitors and reaching your target audience with precision.


Our customised campaigns are designed to adapt to your unique needs and market shifts, ensuring sustained growth and performance.


Our team of experts diligently tracks and communicates campaign success, providing you with actionable insights and unwavering support. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques, we maximise your return on investment and fuel your brand's ascent.


Embrace the future of performance advertising and experience unparalleled growth with us.

  • Strategy Development 

  • Keyword Research and Analysis

  • On-Page SEO Optimisation 

  • Off-Page SEO Optimisation 

  • Technical SEO Audit 

  • Mobile SEO Optimisation

  • Link Building and Outreach Campaigns

  • Content Strategy Development

  • Content Creation (Blogs, Whitepapers)

  • Content Optimisation and Updating

  • Copywriting and SEO-Friendly Content

  • Content Distribution and Promotion

  • Guest Posting and Collaboration

  • Reporting, and Performance Tracking


Propel your brand to the forefront of your industry, helping you rise above the competition and captivate your target audience.


We create magnetic, tailor-made content strategies designed to foster a loyal customer base and drive sustained growth.


By addressing your unique needs and continuously refining our approach, we ensure your brand remains relevant and engaging where it matters.


Discover the synergy of content marketing and SEO to unlock the full potential of your brand and experience unparalleled success.

  • Strategy Development

  • List Building and Segmentation

  • Email Template Design 

  • Email Copywriting and Content Creation

  • Personalised and Dynamic Content 

  • Customer Journey Emails

  • Reporting and Performance Tracking

  • Newsletters and Promotional Emails

  • Abandoned Cart and Re-engagement

  • A/B Testing and Email Optimisation

  • Email Marketing Automation

  • Subscriber Management 

  • Email Marketing Training and Consultation


Cultivate a loyal customer base by delivering personalised, relevant content straight to their inboxes.


Through custom strategies that form around your goals, we ensure sustained engagement and growth.


Staying ahead of industry trends, we optimise your campaigns for maximum impact. We measure success through transparent reporting, empowering you with actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.


Experience the power of email marketing done in the right way and watch your brand flourish.

  • Video Production and Editing

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

  • Video Marketing and Promotion

  • Website and App Design Elements

  • Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Infographics and Data Visualisation

  • Print and Digital Design

  • Social Media and Ad Creatives


Elevate your brand by producing visually stunning, emotionally resonant content that captivates your target audience at scale.


Guided by our unwavering passion for quality and creativity, we ensure that every piece of content aligns with your brand's core values and messaging.


From engaging videos to eye-catching graphic design, our expert team crafts compelling narratives that set you apart from your competitors and leave a lasting impression.


Experience the transformative power of content production mastery and watch your brand ignite on any platform. 

  • Strategy Development and Positioning

  • Brand Identity Design and Guidelines

  • Logo Design 

  • Brand Naming and Tagline Development

  • Brand Messaging and Tone of Voice

  • Brand Storytelling and Narrative

  • Visual Identity (Colour, Typography, Imagery, etc.)

  • Brand Audit and Competitive Analysis

  • Brand Launch and Rollout Strategy

  • Rebranding and Brand Refresh

  • Brand Monitoring and Maintenance


Transform your business by creating a powerful, cohesive identity that distinguishes you from competitors and resonates deeply with your target audience.


Driven by our passion for creativity, we ensure that every aspect of your brand, from logo design to brand messaging, aligns with your company's core values and vision.


Through a meticulous and inspired process, we develop a memorable brand experience that captivates your audience and fosters enduring connections.


Embrace the power of branding brilliance and let your unique identity shine.



Working with dimartec has been the best decision I've made in my 14 years in business.


I value our relationship enormously and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. 

W Elsmore, Founder

London College of Style

We partnered with dimartec to develop a digital marketing syllabus at our Clarion College. Not only has this been a huge success, but dimartec exceeded expectations by delivering some of the lectures to our students online. 


The level of industry connectivity has been well received by the students and they have benefited greatly from the passion and expertise dimartec has provided.

N Singh

Snr Marketing Professor

University of Pennsylvania

Dimartec are excellent to work with. They developed the marketing strategy for SHED Riga and SHED Vilnius. This included omnichannel advertising, UX consultation, content and social media management. Through these solutions we were able to rent 350 rooms across both locations when we opened our doors. 

E Garniene

General Manager

SHED Co-Living (1am)

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