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  • Matt Johnson

FinTech Marketing Case Study: Increasing B2B Client Base by > 700% in 5 months

Client Overview

Our client is a startup in the payments industry, offering custom financial solutions for mid-market companies engaged in remote transactions.

Their services encompass a wide range of financial operations, including instant SEPA payments and streamlined E-Money & IBAN services, crucial for expanding reach within the European market.

Client's Challenges and Goals

When they approached our agency, the client was grappling with several challenges: scaling their B2B client base, generating leads and enquiries, and balancing the risk profiles of new customers.

They sought to significantly increase their B2B clientele without compromising the quality and risk profile of the acquired customers.

Our Agency's Role

Specialising in fintech marketing, our agency primarily focused on Google Ads, and LinkedIn automation for this project due to the assigned budget and goals.

Our understanding of the client's business and competitive landscape, combined with flexible commercial terms, were key reasons why they chose to partner with us.

Strategy Development

Our approach was to leverage our industry experience and competitor analysis to devise a more cost-effective and efficient strategy for attracting the right clients.

We focused on identifying key industries and target companies, and the key personnel within them, tailoring our messaging to address their specific problems and goals.

Google Ads Campaign

Our Google Ads strategy, with a monthly budget scaling from €1K to €3K over five months, focused on industry and product keywords, competitor campaigns, and retargeting. We maintain confidentiality regarding the exact strategy but achieved remarkable results in key performance indicators (see below).

LinkedIn Automation Strategy

The LinkedIn automation process involved identifying the ideal client profile and conducting A/B tests on various parameters like location and industry. This method allowed for continuous optimisation and effective engagement with potential B2B clients.

Results and Metrics

Over the first five months (1 Aug - 27 Dec), our campaigns led to:

Google Ads:

  • 632 account registration initiations.

  • A cost-per-click of €2.90, significantly below the industry average.

  • An incredibly low cost-per-conversion at €13.50.

  • A CTR of 7.41%, well above the industry average.

  • A total expenditure of €8.53K.

  • Acquisition of 40 new B2B clients, averaging a cost of €213.25 per client.

LinkedIn Automation:

  • ~ 1,000 new connections

  • 250+ conversations started with target ICPs

Each client has an expected Lifetime Value (LTV) of approximately €15k, which translates to potential revenues of €600k, all achieved with a total investment of less than €20k, inclusive of our fees. That's an ROI of 3,000%. Crazy, right?

google ads stats for fintech marketing client

Client Feedback and Future Plans

The client has provided excellent feedback on the campaign's results so far. We are currently planning to expand brand-building efforts, increase social media engagement, create more thought-leadership content, and initiate cold outreach to a list of identified ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

fintech marketing case study client feedback

Fintech marketing case study: are you up next?

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